How Virtual Technology is Impacting the Way Vector Marketing Does Business

Since 1981 Vector Marketing has been dominating the direct sales market with its tried and true method of face-to-face sales. However, consumers today are moving away from the in-person buying experience, thanks to a growing increase and reliance on online shopping.

Instead of fighting change, Vector Marketing decided to embrace it, by rolling out a revolutionary new way for its sales representatives to do business while still staying true to the personal relationships they’re known for building with customers.

Utilizing virtual reality technology, Vector Marketing sales representatives are now able to take their customers through a live demo of all their Cutco products completely online. Instead of meeting customers in person, sales reps can deliver the same personalized demo experience to customers around the world.

“What this does for sales representatives is allow them to sell anywhere in the U.S.,” explained Helen Brown, Academic Outreach Manager for Vector Marketing. “The old way of selling limited reps to where they lived. Now they’re able to sell anywhere to anyone with no restrictions.”

This exciting new platform is not only enabling current sales representatives to expand their reach, but also opens the doors to a whole new group of potential representatives.

“Being able to sell to anyone, anywhere, opens up the market for college students,” Brown explained. “These individuals go away to college for school, where they mostly likely don’t know anyone, but with virtual technology, they can now continue to sell to their network back at home while building their new network at school too.”

So how was this new technology embraced by the sales representatives using it?

“It was well-embraced, but when there’s something new there’s always going to be a few people who are hesitant,” Brown said. “There’s the person who doesn’t want to change because what they’re currently doing is working fine, there’s the person who’s always excited about something new, and then there’s the person in the middle who wants to wait and see if it really works.”

Brown explained that to help combat any hesitations, Vector Marketing placed a heavy emphasis on testing its new virtual demos so when the final product was unveiled, it was in the best state possible.

So why would a company that has done something so well, for so long, decide to venture into a very modern platform? One word came to mind for Brown: relevance.

“For us to be relevant with students, we need to be speaking their language,” Brown said. “We are a company where the knife – our product – has stayed the same, and we were resistant to changing our methods too, but we realized we couldn’t be.”

Another method Vector Marketing is beginning to change is the way new sales representatives are recruited.

“One of the things we have found is that students do not pick up the phone,” Brown said laughing. “So students would apply with us online, and then we could never get ahold of them after that with a phone call.”

In an effort to bridge the gap between submitting the application and getting students in for an interview, Vector Marketing is utilizing new technology to run a texting center that handles all incoming applications and automatically follows up with the applicants via text message. Brown has reported that this new method has been very successful in getting interested applicants into the interview process and joining the Vector Team.

So what’s next on the horizon for Vector Marketing? Brown reported that their next project is utilizing virtual technology to aid with their interview programs.

While the world around us is changing rapidly, it’s certainly encouraging to see institutions such as Vector Marketing fully embracing and integrating technology such as virtual reality into traditional sales and recruiting practices.

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