A Look Back at Our Favorite Posts from #DECAMonth 2017

With the air beginning to cool and our favorite month coming quickly to a close, it’s time to take a look at some of the limitless #DECAMonth celebrations.

Whether it was trick or treating, taking it back to #DECAICDC, or recruiting more members, DECA Month is a time to rejoice and recall all of the amazing things we are thankful for within DECA.

With being said, here are my top 10 favorite #DECAMonth posts!

10. Favorite Travel Memories

DECA’s International Career Development Conference tends to be a favorite for most DECA members; check out all of the fun @anna02michalski had just at the airport!

9. Favorite ICDC Moment

While we’re on the topic of ICDC, @andrew49er1 was congratulated on stage last year with some #DECAglass!

8. Travel Mascots

What better way to spend #DECAMonth than donating bears? @piratedeca has the right idea!

7. What Does DECA Mean?

Sometimes it’s hard to explain what DECA means, but @pinnacledeca sums up the question pretty well!

6. #ThrowbackThursday

Love the throwback from @mexicanaarone to ICDC last year!

5. Seeing Double

I was also speechless after this great post from @westsalemdeca!

4. Transformation Tuesday

DECA transformations are the best transformations. Way to go @jakejardinedeca!

3. Trip Down Memory Lane

@deca_suraj has the right idea with running for association office, twice!

2. DECA Role Models

Some of my favorite #DECAMonth celebrations are celebrating with my DECA role models; looks like @deca_luciousiv thinks the same!

1. #DECAFail

I think we all have had those #DECAFails, and this one from @deca_benny happened to make me laugh.

These are just a few of the many awesome DECA posts I saw this #DECAMonth!

Thank you to everyone who participated, and don’t forget to follow @decainc on Instagram and Twitter for updates on all things DECA!

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