Recruitment Tip: Try Something New!

Vera Woodson | South County DECA

DECA membership season rolls in like thunder, but how do you keep membership interest going beyond the membership deadline?

South County High School continues to find new ways to recruit beyond the classroom. An example of a recruitment tool was recently extended to the eSports club on campus. The eSports club has over 40 members, and is a perfect organization to approach through technology engagement.

The strategy: meet potential members where they are. 

In order to engage these potential members, the South County DECA chapter hosted a Haxball Tournament after school.  Self-selected teams of five were invited to sign up, pay $4 toward pizza, and compete for the title of “Haxball ‘til Ya Fall” champion.

With over four teams signed up, the competition was intense and exciting. In the end, the victory went to the team of “Incognito!” The five member junior/senior team enjoyed the event, and suggested DECA host a bigger event in the spring.  

Recruitment doesn’t have to include large scale events each year. Many students enjoy small gatherings of like-minded individuals who are able to make connections. Reaching out to non-academic clubs can help boost interest in joining DECA, and enrolling in future marketing courses.

Take a chance on something new, your chapter may elevate awareness along with your DECA membership!

This article was written by South County DECA advisor, Vera Woodson. You can follow South County DECA on Twitter @SoCoDECA and on Instagram @stalliondeca.

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