End of the Year Ideas to Help Boost Your SBE Sales

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The holiday season is upon us, and now is the time that consumers are in the mood to buy!

Whether it is retail therapy or buying an extra cookie, this is the season where people tend to treat themselves. This is a great opportunity for you to use the spirit in the air to boost your school-based enterprise (SBE) sales!

Here are some ideas to put more money in your register, and get more experience running a busy SBE.

1. Offer “Grab Bags”

This special promotion usual contains mystery products that are bagged up so customers are surprised with what they get. This would work great for sweet treats, and can help make room for some new products by getting rid of inventory your store has been sitting on for the semester.

2. Host a canned food drive.

Offer a discount to any customer who brings in canned food items to help support your food drive. This will allow you to not only help your community, but also attract some customers and generate sales too.

3. Use Your Loyal Customers

Reach out to the loyal customers that you see every day, and encourage them to recommend new customers.  Offer an refer-a-friend incentive where each time they bring a friend with them who makes a purchase, they get a stamp on a punch card. Once they fill the card, offer them a free snack as a token of your appreciation.

4. Get Creative and Festive

Create a catchy, holiday jingle highlighting your SBE’s products, services and sales for the holidays. You can play your jingle on the morning announcements or distribute your jingle through social media.

5. Wrap It Up

Consider offering free holiday gift wrapping to anyone who purchases a gift in your SBE this holiday season. This will not only create more foot traffic in your SBE, but will be a proud display of outreach and care within your school.

Don’t forget to take some pictures to include in your SBE certification for this year! Whether you are a multi-year Gold Certified SBE or just starting for the first time, it is always good to keep track of your progress for the years to come.

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