A DECA Chapter’s Guide to Instagram

It’s November, which happens to be my favorite month. Now is when my Instagram feed consists almost entirely of #artsy #fall #PSL pictures, and hues of orange as the seasons are changing.

Anyone who’s on Instagram during the fall can relate, but the real question is – is your chapter on Instagram?

If not, it should be! Keep reading to find out just how to manage your new account. Already have one? Use these tips to perfect your account.

1. #hashtagsareimportant

I’m not saying every photo needs 25 hashtags, but you want to make sure that you’re picking tags for your photos so that other people can find them.

A few that are usually safe bets (depending on time of year) include #Limitless, #DECAICDC, #SummerOfDECA, as well as your own association’s conference hashtags.

2. Looks Matter

While your chapter might not be Instagram-blogger level beautiful, it’s important to pick high quality, sharp and not overly-filtered photos to feature on your account. There are tons of photo editing apps available to help you turn your iPhone photos into works of art!

3. DECA Day, Every Day

Use the DECA Days of the week to create content for your posts. Whether you come up with this content at the beginning of the month, beginning of each week, or just on each day that you post, these fun daily hashtags are a great way to work on posting regularly (especially during non-competition times). You can find a list of the DECA Days in the DECA Social Media Guidebook.

4. Keep it Clean

As an account representing DECA, your chapter’s Instagram should stay CPP (clean, positive, and professional). Make sure that all your posts model these ideals, but they can still be fun! Include photos of your members on international adventures or partaking in their other extracurriculars to highlight your chapter members’ non-DECA sides.

5. Get a Handle on Your Handle

This one’s easy, but one of the most important. Make sure that your Instagram handle matches that of your other social media (like your Twitter). Keep it simple and consistent, like @SchoolNameDECA, or @SchoolAbbreviationDECA.

I’m hoping to see more DECA than Starbucks on my feed this year. Are you up to the challenge?

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