My New York Experience at #CDECAENGAGE

Sydney Georges | #CDECAENGAGE Social Media Team

“Location, location, location.”

You’ve probably heard realtors use this phrase a million times when it comes to buying a home. However, hosting a conference can be thought of in the same way, and if one thing is for certain, DECA got it right by choosing New York City to host the 2017 DECA Engage Conference.

The 2017 Collegiate DECA ENGAGE conference featured guest speakers from across the country who we were encouraged to interact with and build connections with on LinkedIn. Being in the marketing track, I had the opportunity to meet Mike Sins, Director of Special Events at Men’s Wearhouse, along with countless other marketing and business majors from across the country. Having the opportunity to meet other dedicated DECA students from across the country and explore the city were the greatest aspects of the conference.

There was no better location to host #CDECAENGAGE other than New York City. The flexible schedule of the conference allowed us time to explore all the excitement that The Big Apple has to offer. On our first day in New York, we visited Chinatown and ate at one of the authentic restaurants. Like any true tourist, we had no choice but in invest in some knockoff watches and handbags being sold on the streets.

We also visited the iconic Macy’s on Herald Square, where the top floor was decked out in some beautiful holiday decorations. Later that night, we took a Big Bus Tour and saw virtually all of the iconic buildings on New York City, including some gorgeous views while crossing the Brooklyn Bridge.

On Friday morning, we explored Madison Avenue and eventually made our way to the 9/11 Memorial for Veteran’s Day weekend. For lunch, we enjoyed some tasty Italian food at Eataly. That night, we explored Hell’s Kitchen and the many wonders of walking around the Times Square and New York City at night. On our final day in the city, we took the subway to Central Park, saw the Christopher Columbus statue covered in pigeons, smelled the foul scents of carriage rides by horses through the park and took pictures on the rocks.

We walked through some of the fancy stores in this part of the city and about fainted at the sweater prices that were valued at more than our plane tickets to New York. Walking back to the hotel, we saw Grand Central Station, the United Nations, Trump Tower, the New York Public Library and part of the Veteran’s Day parade in which half of Manhattan was blocked off for. The heavy traffic even almost made us miss our flight back home, but I doubt any of us would have minded being stuck in New York forever. 

The opportunities that accompanied the 2017 ENGAGE conference were invaluable to attendees and provided life long memories. The great connections we built will truly last a lifetime, and the conference speakers helped us better prepare for the Collegiate DECA International Career Development Conference. However, falling in love with a new city was the best part of it all – until next time, New York.

This article was written by William Jewell Collegiate DECA member and #CDECAENGAGE Social Media Team member, Sydney Georges. You can follow Sydney on Twitter @sydney_georges.

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