An Inside Look at Twisted Tow(grrrrrr)er

Ramon Luis Fille | Power Trip Power Team

Once you walk into the Franklin 9 & 10 meeting room doors, you are energetically greeted by Mr. Todd “GRRR” Gehrmann, the CEO of FOCUS training.

While waiting for the rest of the group to come in and find seats, he asked those who were already there for song requests and he played every single request, you can tell that this workshop is going to be #LI(T)MITLESS.

After the energizers and the opening lecture (interesting fact: Mr. Gehrmann created his company in his college dorm), he told the attendees to find a stranger and link elbows with them, this person will become your partner.

After some introductions, the pairs were then asked to link up with another pair. Again, after some introductions, the 4’s were asked to pair up with another group of four near your area. The groups of four that were linked became a team. After introductions, the team was asked to pick a team leader to gather the materials, which consisted of balloons, felt straps, and some tape.

Once the items were gathered, Mr. Gehrmann or “GRRR” asked the teams to tie their hands to the person’s next to them. Once this task was done, the teams were asked to make the tallest, portable, and free standing tower, with the materials that they were provided.

My team was able to successfully put a tower together, however, another team out-towered us height wise.

This workshop was great for networking, leadership, and teamwork. I was able to gain new snapchat friends, able to lead some of my teammates, and work with people I just met.

After the teams have popped all of their balloons and cleaned up the scene. Mr. Gehrmann or “GRRR” has told the attendees about synergy. Synergy means the actual outcome is greater than the individual efforts combined. This means that as a team, we were able to all put in our own efforts and by working together and keeping an eye on the goal, we have successfully made a twisted balloon tower.

A huge thank you to Mr. Todd “GRRR” Gehrmann of FOCUS training.

This article was written by Power Trip Power Team member, Ramon Luis Fille. You can follow Ramon on Twitter @hamden_DECA.

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