A Twist on Leadership Exercises with the Twisted Tower

Emily Nguyen | Power Trip Power Team

A familiar face at DECA conferences, Todd Gehrmann, CEO of FOCUS Training, helped navigate creative problem-solving through his Creative Thinking Challenges that were integrated into the Twisted Tower (Leadership Lab) at the 2017 Ultimate DECA Power Trip.

With years of experience on the job, he understands and comes to prove that leaders must use creative solution for any situation.

After a couple exciting and energizing warm-up activities, Mr. Gehrmann leads the audience into groups of eight. Then he distributed 17 balloons, an arms length of masking tape, and eight strips of felt. Felt? That’s right: felt.

Teams were not only challenges to build a free-standing, super tall tower, but we would have to do it with our hands tied to one another’s (using the felt). Nonetheless, every group was excited to take on this challenge.

My team’s efforts started out smoothly…until balloons started popping or falling to the ground or hands were pulled left and right. These slight challenges demonstrated the importance of communication and organization!

What I found most helpful during the activity was positive reinforcement and being considerate of others. Encouraging teammates to continue their good work validates their efforts as being meaningful, and being considerate, by not speaking over one another or by helping out a teammate promoted, productivity. 

Overall, this activity goes to show the importance of synergy. Todd Gehrmann proved to us that the result weighs more than the individual efforts added together. “When a team keeps their eyes on the goal, the steps it takes them to reach it no longer seem difficult.”

This article was written by Power Trip Power Team member, Emily Nguyen. You can follow Emily on Twitter @EmilyDECA.

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