Team Snapchat or Team Instagram: Top 5 Takeaways

Allison Mooney | Power Trip Power Team
Photo courtesy of @peytonn_brant on Twitter.

When attending the Team Snapchat or Team Instagram session presented by Janelle Arrighi, DECA’s Communications Manager, the two similarly related social media platforms were compared as well as analyzed as competition.

Here are the top five takeaways:

1. The DECA Social Media Poll

Both social media platforms had close percentages when it came to how often people checked their apps. When it comes to creating posts and sharing posts, Snapchat won the popular vote with 70%.

2. They’re Not That Similar

Some think Instagram has become exactly like Snapchat because of the Instagram Stories feature. Snapchat is well known for its filters that provide customization options that Instagram doesn’t provide. Instagram only has the option of color or some face filters. On the other hand, Instagram stories has functional hashtags while Snapchat does not.

3. Geofilters Are Awesome

Geofilters are considered one of Snapchat’s best features! These are great for any event, big or small. These filters unify pictures from anyone that uses the filter and reaches members as well as non-members! These are cost effective for the exposure you receive by created and implementing the use of the filter at any event!

4. Social Media for Recruitment

Instagram and Snapchat both give non-members an inside look on what DECA membership is like! They also provide easy ways to effectively share bits of information for the non-members. Sharing real members stories as well as chapter activities showing the impact DECA has had in their lives will encourage more non-members to join.

5. Boost Chapter Engagement

Instagram can be used in many ways to engage all members. Make sure you tag your chapter and any members involved in the posts, include all chapter hashtags and include easy accessible information. Snapchat can also boost engagement. The importance and reach of geofilters can’t be said enough! Use on-demand and location-based geofilters for any event. Make sure that links are also attached so that accessing information is simple and easy.

These are only a few things to consider when utilizing these platforms. Social media can be a driving force in your chapter’s involvement and presence. You can follow my chapter on Twitter @AlmaDECA and on Instagram @airelooms.

This article was written by Power Trip Power Team member Allison Mooney. You can follow Allison on Twitter @allie_mooney_.

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