How to Pitch DECA to Different People

Caroline Saunders | Power Trip Power Team
Photo courtesy of @DECA_Jaron on Twitter.

During “Train the Leader” at the 2017 Ultimate DECA Power Trip, DECA Inc. high school division president Jaron May kept us engaged in the lab in many ways.

His goal during this learning lab was to educate us on how to pitch DECA to different people. He then had us also practice our networking and public speaking skills.

Here are some of Jaron’s top tip when it comes to pitching DECA to different people:


When trying to inform a student about what DECA is all about, you want to make sure to talk about things that they would want to do. Students are the ones who will actually be participating in the activities, so you want to make sure you bring up the things that would interest them the most. These three things would be competition, networking, and travel.

Teenagers love competition and an opportunity to win. Explaining the competition aspect of DECA will draw them in and excite them more about DECA. Meeting new people is an exciting part of any high school activity. There is nothing better than meeting others with the same interests as you. Networking with kids from other schools also allows for life long friendships and bonds. Most high school kids will use any excuse to leave their city and explore. DECA is no different. Showing kids all of the different opportunities for traveling through competitions and conferences will make them not only want to join, but get involved.


Regardless of what the student thinks, the parents are the ones that allow them to do it. Educating the parents about DECA is very important. To draw the parents in, you will want to bring up how DECA will impact the students in the long run. The top things to bring up when talking about DECA to parents is leadership development, college and career preparation and scholarships.

Leadership is a key aspect of success. Students with leadership skills are more likely to be successful in the future. Parents want the best of their children, so this is important to bring up. In the same sense bringing up college & career preparation is just as important to bring up. Parents want their kids to be prepared for life after high school. They are more likely to support an activity that helps them prepare for this. Scholarships are an amazing opportunity that DECA offers. Educating the parents about this opportunity would excite them and make them want their children to join DECA.

School Officials

School officials are arguably the most important people to advertise DECA to. Without school officials, the DECA chapter won’t exist in the first place. School officials want to hear about how DECA will impact the school. The best way to do this is expanding upon third-party research, school recognition and innovative student learning.

Third-party research shows the school officials how DECA can make their students more successful. School recognition is a very important aspect to mention to school officials. Trophies and awards make schools and school officials look successful. Schools are always looking for new and innovative ways to teach their students. DECA shows a lot of innovative student learning skills and methods that can be implemented into schools. This is very important to school officials.

The information Jaron shared was helping to all members in attendance, and will help chapter across the country improve their recruitment methods this year.

This article was written by Power Trip Power Team member Caroline Saunders. You can follow Caroline on Twitter @pirateDECA.

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