How Mac ‘N Cheese Can Get You #DECAGlass

Andrew Weatherman | Power Trip Power Team

During last group of workshops on the first day of the 2017 Ultimate DECA Power Trip, the North Carolina DECA association officer team hosted a competitive event session: The Battle for the #DECAGlass.

Utilizing an invigorating energizer and engaging videos, North Carolina DECA creatively taught DECA members and advisors about DECA’s competitive event program.

1. Mac ‘N Cheese

A unique energizer facilitated by the North Carolina DECA association officer team, attendees partnered up back-to-back, chanted “I’ve got to have it,” four times, then flipped around and shouted “GIMMIE THAT MAC ‘N CHEESE! UH HUH!”

Playing off the bustling excitement and evident eagerness to learn, NC DECA seized the opportunity.

2. Videos

Using videos that were created by the state action team, NC DECA thoroughly explained and cleared up misconceptions surrounding competitive events. The videos glossed over the basics of written events, role-plays, dress code, and testing.

3. Kahoot!

After teaching members about the ins-and-outs of DECA competition, the audience played a game of Kahoot! Testing basic competitive event knowledge, recent DECA event changes, and much more!  Surprisingly enough, the top three finishers were from the same chapter – Corinth Holders DECA!

The North Carolina DECA Battle for the #DECAGlass workshop saw nearly sixty members, with many first-year DECA members, each eager to learn the ins-and-out of DECA’s competitive events!

This article was written by Power Trip Power Team member, Andrew Weatherman. You can follow Andrew on Twitter @Andrew49er1.

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