Interview Tips from Men’s Wearhouse

Did you miss the Dress for Success workshop at this weekend’s Ultimate DECA Power Trip? Not to worry, we have the inside scoop on how to ace your interview!

Men’s Wearhouse shared many tips to having a successful interview. The following should be taken to impress your interviewer and leave a good first impression:

1. Building your Resume

No matter what job you are applying to, it’s essential to submit an up-to-date resume to your interviewer. Your resume should include past work experience, valuable skills, academic achievements, etc. Microsoft Word and Google Docs offer some great resume templates!

2. Social Media

As we all know; social media has become increasingly popular for today’s youth. One post can go viral in a matter of minutes! This why being smart about what you post is important. Many companies look at possible employee’s social media accounts. Do not post things that are untrue or do represent your true self, but make sure that all posts are appropriate and professional.

3. Research the Company

Before going into an interview, one should research the company and read their mission statement. Loads of information can be found on the internet so ensure that you walk into your interview knowing the company’s core values, benefits, and pay. This is a way to answer some of your questions and display commitment and interest in the company to your interviewer.

4. The First Impression

By the seventh second of an interview, your interviewer has their first impression of you. To ensure a great first impression, one should dress professional or business casual (depending on what you found by conducting your research.) Another major part of the first impression process is the handshake and one’s word choice. “It’s all about what you say rather than what you wear,” said the workshop presenter, Dian Watson of Men’s Wearhouse.

Remember to use these tips before you next interview to impress your future employer!

This article was written by Power Trip Power Team member, Markal Kelly. You can follow Markal on Twitter @DECA_Markal.

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