Ending #DECAPowerTrip 2017 On a High Note

Zach Kas | Power Trip Power Team

The 2017 Ultimate DECA Power Trip truly saved the best for last, as the closing session was electric!

Once again, we were blessed by the presence of our executive officers, a POWERFUL keynote speaker, and witnessed true DECA Diamonds get recognized on the stage.

Here are three reasons the closing sessions was so POWERFUL.

1. EJ Carrion 

EJ Carrion rocked #DECAPowerTrip closing session with his enthusiasm and charisma as he delivered a speech for the ages. He truly emphasized that our future is #Limitless and that we need to own it. I was lucky enough to be “The Most Awesome” member there and won his best selling book and a $50 bookmark – no really, it was a $50 bill!

LOOK AT MY AWESOME BOOKMARK!!! #DECAPowerTrip @DECAInc pic.twitter.com/CclTlSctUg

— Zachary Kas (@ZachKas) November 12, 2017

Like the #DECAPowerTrip, Carrion saved the best for last as well, as he ended his speech with a rap that had every single DECA members out of his or her seat cheering and dancing along.

2. DECA Diamonds 

Throughout the closing session, numerous DECA members were recognized for their excellent work and tremendous DECAcation during the weekend’s festivities. The session began with members of the Power Trip Power Team, followed by the winner of Entrepreneurship & Innovations Conference Pitch Challenge, 1Media. Lastly, members who excelled in their role-plays were recognized on the stage with DECA medallions courtesy of Johnson & Wales University.

3. Executive Officers

The Executive Officer Team is truly inspiring to all DECA members across the globe. Just being in the same building as them this weekend is truly inspiring and makes you realize how #Limitless your future really is. I’m truly grateful for all of them for their tireless work to ensure we all had an incredible weekend in Philly.

This article was written by Power Trip Power Team member, Zach Kas. You can follow Zach on Twitter @ZachKas.

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