Dressing for Success at the #DECAPowerTrip

Matthew Williamson | Power Trip Power Team

Sometimes, the hardest part of preparing for your DECA competition is deciding how you want to look your best.

The “Dress of Success” Career Learning Lab at #DECAPowerTrip 2017, hosted by Daine Watson from Men’s Wearhouse, helped attendees determine what your best style is.

Here are the three top moments of this fantastic learning lab:

1. Facts about Dress

Mrs. Watson provided #Limitless information about interviews and what clothes look most professional. She has given countless interviews, and she gave attendees tips on how to kill your interview to make sure that you get in a great position to get that job!

2. Interactive Conversation

Presentations can easily be boring, but Mrs. Watson made sure to make her presentation interactive. She made sure to make this more of a conversation than a presentation. Whenever someone answered a question correctly, they received a prize. This motivated students to get involved and become part of the conversation.

3. Humorous Competition

The best part of the lab was a competition between four attendees to see who could tie a random tie the fastest. It was extremely entertaining to watch as most of the competitors struggled to tie theirs. After about a minute, one person finally finished. All four competitors won however, as they each got to keep the tie they were given to compete against each other.

The Dress for Success lab was a very informative lab that gave competitors #Limitless information to make sure they dress their best. It was a great lab to help attendees consider what clothes they should wear to make a memorable first impression!

This article was written by Power Trip Power Team member, Matthew Williamson. You can follow Matthew on Twitter @mwilliamson0.

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