Answering Your Top Questions About College & Career Success at #DECAPowerTrip

Ramon Luis Fille | Power Trip Power Team

In this very helpful workshop at the 2017 Ultimate DECA Power Trip, five college representatives answered questions from attendees in a Q&A format.

Led by DECA high school division president, Jaron May, students asked the representatives questions about many aspects of college, from admissions to using your degree to pursue a career after graduation.

Here are three of the questions asked by students and a summary of the answers given by the representatives:

“What do admissions officers look for in an application?”

According to the representatives, most admissions officers look at applications holistically. They look for well rounded students who are involved, balanced, determined, and are hard working. They look for those who are willing to challenge themselves and are not afraid to go above and beyond the average line.

It was advised that students should take their classes seriously and be willing to take action. If an opportunity is presented to them, such as if AP courses and dual enrollment courses are offered to students, students are expected to take these classes in order to show the admissions officers that they can take the rigor of these classes, which shows that they are prepared for the challenges of college

“What advice do you have for determining your major?”

Most of the representatives agreed that in order to find the right major for you, you should ask yourself questions like, “What are you good at?” and “What do you like?” From then on you should do some research in order to have more information about certain aspects of the field that you are very interested in, from talking to professionals, to doing internships and job shadowing, and even the usual internet searches. With all of this information on mind, you will be able to find your passions and interests that will help you determine the major that fits your interests and that will spark your strengths and call for your skills.

“What can you do in college to set yourself for a career?”

One of the ways that will help students set themselves up for a career is to GET INVOLVED. If a student is involved, they will learn how to balance many important responsibilities all at once. Students can get involved in and out of school in many ways, from becoming an RA in your campus, becoming a student government officer, getting involved with local charities and so much more. Being involved in the school’s community will also help you make a name for yourself which will definitely set you apart when you’re going through the hiring process.

This panel has definitely helped all of those who attended this to be more prepared for college and careers and more confident when it comes to their applications, majors and future career.

Thank you to the panelists from the following universities: Ball State University, Berkeley College, University of Texas at Dallas, Life University, and Johnson and Wales University.

This article was written by Power Trip Power Team member Ramon Luis Fille. You can follow Ramon on Twitter @hamden_DECA.

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