3 Tips to Perfect Your Negotiation Skills

Ashley Shabo | Power Trip Power Team
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During “The Art of Negotiation Lab” at the 2017 Ultimate DECA Power Trip, corporate attorney Sara Armstrong gave DECA members some wonderful tips and tricks that can help them with any negotiating situations they encounter.

Everyone has had experience negotiating at one point or another, but these tips can help you differentiate yourself from your opponent.

1. Developing Negotiation Skills 

Some tips that were given out during this lab were:

  • It’s okay to say no
  • You need to listen
  • “The best way to negotiate is with your ears.”
  • Talk about bargaining.

Some other tips Sarah shared were to determine what is best for yourself, understand your role and authority in the situation, educate your opponent, ask questions (statements can be offensive), know when to walk away, and think outside the box.

The most important strategy to remember is to gain the customer/clients trust throughout this process.

2. Influence of Negotiation Styles

Two main negotiation styles are tough aggressive style vs. wolf in sheep’s clothing. These styles are totally different, but can be very effective if you have simple balance of the two. To do this you need to stay calm and focused. These techniques work best with clients and customers who are irrational, self-annotated expert, re-opener, disorganized procrastinator and the intimidator.

3. Basics of Negotiation 

The main goal of negotiations is to get something that you want but someone else has it. In the beginning, or right before you start negotiating with your partner/client, you need strategy and preparation. The most important aspects during the negotiation are communication, listening, problem solving. However, to win the negotiation, you need to have credibility!

After going through these helpful points, attendees had the opportunity to apply these new skills in a role-play like scenario. Overall this was a great learning experience to all who attended!

This article was written by Power Trip Power Team member Ashley Shabo. You can follow Ashley on Twitter @ashleytshabo.

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