3 Reasons You Should Have Attended This #DECAPowerTrip Workshop

Matthew Williamson | Power Trip Power Team
Photo courtesy of @NC_DECA on Twitter.

The Compete Learning Lab hosted by the North Carolina association officer team at the 2017 Ultimate DECA Power Trip, provided #limitless insight into the world of competition.

From videos and to personal tips, and even some Kahoot quizzes, the “Battle for the DECAGlass” workshop gave attendees impactful information in a fun, interactive way.

Here are three reasons why you missed out if you did not attend this compete lab:

1. Hype Energizers

North Carolina DECA President, Andrew Weatherman, created the Mac & Cheese energizers for attendees to become engaged in this lab right from the start. This energizer forced those in the workshop to move around and interact with new people. Networking in a lab is always a bonus, and this was a great way for those who had never met to meet each other in a fun, enjoyable manner.

2. Competition Tips

The purpose of this compete lab was to give members useful information that they can use in each competition. The association officer team did this in multiple ways to keep members enticed. The first way was an interactive PowerPoint presentation to provide background information about events, and the best tactics to make sure that you win some #DECAglass. The second way was through videos created by the officer team about how to dress, role-play, written events, and tests. These videos provided #Limitless tips in a humorous way.

3. Kahoot

What’s the best way to quiz members about their DECA knowledge? Almost all students would agree that Kahoot is the best way to see what attendees already knew about DECA. From written event page limits, to competition events, this kahoot tested attendees to see who had the most knowledge!

This lab was the best way to finish a day of workshops at this year’s #DECAPower Trip!

This article was written by Power Trip Power Team member, Matthew Williamson. You can follow Matthew on Twitter @mwilliamsonn0.

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