Top 5 Ways to Create an Awesome Written Event

To insure you get that glorious #DECAGlass at #DECAICDC, it’s about time to start working on those manuals!

Ginger Hill from South Carolina DECA gave us 50-minutes full of information to help improve our written events during her “Creating an Awesome Written Event,” workshop.

Here are my top five takeaways from this learning lab:

1. Stand Out

One of the first things a judge looks at when they open up that manual is the cover page. You want to make sure you stand out from the crowd and leave them remembering your name! Same goes with the executive summary. With only a short number of pages, make sure you are original and find something that makes you different from everyone else! Also don’t forget to do your executive summary last, as it is the most important aspect of the manual.

2. Break Your Sections Down

Sitting down and writing a 30-page paper can be hard. That is why you need to allow yourself plenty of time to correct and perfect your work before competition! One way to keep the stress away is to break your sections down. Start with data, color, and charts/graphs, and pictures.

3. Technology is Growing, But So Are We!

Snapchat’s geofilters are out of this world, but Instagram’s Live videos are outstanding! You might know what a “geofilter” is or how to “live stream” from Instagram, but will your judge? One of my most memorable quotes from my judge last year at #DECAICDC is “What’s a geofilter?” After explaining what a geofilter was, my partner and I realized that, as teenagers, we know an exceeding amount of information about social media, but you can’t be certain your judge will too.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Your advisor is your friend! It is important to get a professional opinion on your work before you compete. As well as advisors, parents, grandparents, and even english teachers, are great resources to utilize when written your written event. Your peers are also extremely helpful, so don’t be afraid to ask them to read your material!

5. ALWAYS Have a Plan B, C, and Even D

Things don’t always go as planned when presenting to your judge. As I mentioned before, your judge may not always know what you do, so it’s always a good idea to have more than one route to go. If you use any form of technology in your presentation, make sure you backup all of your files on flash drives and bring them with you! Always have a backup plan, in case something goes wrong!

Don’t let February creep up on you! Get started now so you have a better chance of making it on stage in Atlanta at #DECAICDC!

Don’t forget to seek advice from your advisor and English teacher; people are always glad to help if you just ask! Study hard and work harder, you’ve got this!

This article was written by Power Trip Power Team member, Michelle Wells. You can follow Michelle on Twitter @michelle_wells_

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