Your Top 3 College Questions Answered

Attendees at the 2017 #DECAPowerTrip had the incredible opportunity to ask college representatives their most burning questions. During the College & Career Success Learning Lab, this panel answered questions about college admissions and majors.

The panel included representatives from five distinct colleges, including the Miller College of Business, the Naveen Jindal School of Management, Berkeley College, Life University, and Johnson & Wales University.

This diverse panel gave the students a wide variety of perspectives on each of their questions. These are the top three questions answered by the panel.

What do colleges look for in applicants? 

Most colleges review applications in a holistic manner. A student needs a competitive test score and GPA, and they also need leadership and community service experience. Many of these #Limitless leadership and community experiences can be obtained through working with your school’s DECA chapter and state association. Colleges are also looking for students who take advantage of every academic opportunity that they are offered.

Whether this means Advanced Placement, honors, International Baccalaureate, or duel-enrollment classes, colleges want to see students who challenge themselves. It can be argued, however, that the most important component of your application is your essays. Colleges want to learn about who you are as a student, citizen, and leader. Tell colleges what your passions are and what drives you.

How do I choose my major once I get into college?

Picking your major right away is not always necessary. College is a time to explore different career fields and discover your passions, but when it comes time to choose your major, many colleges offer summer workshops, internships, and job shadowing opportunities for students to narrow down their choices. These workshops encourage students to ask themselves, “What are my strengths?” and “What are my passions?” Pick a major that energizes and excites you every day!

Should I double-major in college?

This depends on the student. A double-major can open doors for ambitious students who are willing to study late into the night, but more students are opting to instead pursue an accelerated master’s degree program instead of a double major. A master’s degree can set many graduates apart from their competitors during interviews. For this reason, many college advisors are steering students toward these accelerated master’s programs.

However, a double major or master’s degree is not the choice for everyone. It is better to excel in one major than to fail in two majors, and many careers do not benefit from additional degrees. Contact your college advisor to decide whether these opportunities will benefit you specifically.

The College & Career Success Learning Lab was an informative session that truly helped many students at #DECAPowerTrip feel prepared for the next step in their journey.

This article was written by Power Trip Power Team member, Amber McFerren. You can follow Amber on Twitter @amberleighmcf.

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