#DECAATTProject Members Receive Limitless Insight During Pro Bono Week

DECA members from more than 10 chapters in five different states benefitted from Pro Bono Week sponsored by AT&T. Events took place nationwide during the last week in October and DECA was honored to be included.

AT&T attorneys visited schools, hosted DECA members in their offices and spoke at large conferences. The attorneys shared their career paths, discussed elements of business law and ethics, and illustrated the impact of social media in business. The experiences described by the professionals helped students to understand the complexity of the career field.

“Hearing from the AT&T attorneys was a great career exploration opportunity for me. I was excited about it from the start because I have an interest in the [field],” said Alexia Heisserer from Campbell High School, Georgia. “I noticed the diversity of the panel and was immediately drawn into their stories.  Each of them with a different background, different reason for picking the career and different motivation. Instantly they became “human” to me and not just another classroom guest speaker.  One speaker was from Scotland and she said something that I believe will always stick with me,” Never put limitation on yourself!”  If she came here to America with that mindset and it worked for her I know it will work for me.”

“I am grateful to be able to connect with professionals because I hear so much about networking and the importance of it. It hit home when two of the attorneys shared their story of landing their current positions through networking. I can only hope it works the same way for me,” Alexia shared.

DECA members from Augustus Hawkins visited attorneys at their office in El Segundo, Calif. Chapter President, Laiza Pacheco, and DECA CEO, Meybel Monge, spoke on behalf of their chapter. “What we learned is extremely valuable and as one of our DECA ambassadors even said it gave him hope. Another student said that having the attorneys speak to us as a group and then one on one, made the experience ‘real’ for her.”

The attorneys “inspired us to do something more, to think above and beyond, and to shoot for our dreams. The mock trial inspired a handful of our DECA members to pursue a career in law. Knowing that there are multiple kinds of lawyers really helped to broaden our views and learn new things.”

#DECAATTProject continues to grow, reaching more and more members each year. At Augustus Hawkins students said, “We were rarely presented with opportunities, but now that AT&T has partnered with DECA we will have so much more to look forward to in the upcoming years. Listening to everyone’s individual stories helped some of us to have hope that we can get out of the systems of oppression that are constantly putting us down.”

One attorney made a lasting impression by telling the students, “Every day you are presented with an opportunity, and if you miss it, then there’s always tomorrow.” The tomorrows for DECA members are #Limitless!

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