4 Ways Your Collegiate DECA Chapter Can Celebrate #DECAMonth

Nina McKee | Williams Wood University Collegiate DECA
Photo courtesy of @NorthwoodDECA on Twitter.

November has finally arrived and you know what that means: #DECAMonth!

There are numerous ways for you and your Collegiate DECA chapter to get involved during DECA Month. Here are just a few ways you can celebrate with your chapter:

DECA Idea Challenge

The DECA Idea Challenge is an eight-day event that is part of Global Entrepreneurship Week where teams of 3-5 chapter members have the opportunity to brainstorm a new use for an everyday object.  Teams create and submit a short video describing their inventions made from the mystery item. The competition kicks off in Sunday, November 12, at 4 PM EST when the mystery item is revealed! Get your team together now and get ready to start brainstorming on Sunday!

ENGAGE Case Study

The ENGAGE Case Study Competition gives Collegiate DECA members the opportunity to work with local partners from DECA’s National Advisor Board. Members will analyze the online presence of a business and create and submit a video demonstrating their findings. The deadline to submit your findings is November 20, so get started today!

Leadership Passport Program

Has your chapter decided to complete the Leadership Passport Program?  If so, now is a great time to review what activities your chapter still has to complete to fill out the application.  You can set weekly goals for making progress toward the Leadership Passport Program objectives or you can choose to complete some of the other activities on this list.  This works great for both the Chapter and Individual levels of the recognition program!

Practice for Competitive Events

Regional and association conferences will be here before you know it! Have you started preparing for your competitive events? Now is a great time to go through practice tests and sample events to prepare for competition. Be sure to check out all the competitive event resources on www.decadirect.org/compete, and find new events and samples at deca.org!

How are you and your Collegiate DECA chapter celebrating #DECAMonth?

This article was written by Williams Wood University Collegiate DECA Director of Passport Program, Nina McKee. You can follow Nina on Twitter @NinaMcKee11.

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