How Lyman Hall DECA’s SBE is Prepping for the Biggest Game of the Year

Caitlin Kirby | Lyman Hall DECA

It’s powder puff season here at Lyman Hall High School! As citizens of Wallingford, Conn., our most anticipated tradition is the annual powder puff game, also known as the Samaha Bowl.

Since 1972, high school seniors from Lyman Hall and our rival across town, Sheehan, have spent weeks training to play in a fun-filled flag football game that takes place the day before Thanksgiving.

The Samaha Bowl is a town wide event; EVERYONE comes to watch powder puff! Most years the game even gets sold out, cause people to hop fences just for a chance to see the game.

This year, as a senior, I am taking part in this time-honored tradition. Although it’s been hard to transform myself into a football player overnight, I am extremely thankful for this experience.

The Lyman Hall DECA school-based enterprise, Packy’s, has some major preparation to do for the week of the Samaha Bowl. We have a large majority of new items that we are certain our student body will purchase for both the powder puff game and the big Thanksgiving Day football game also played against Sheehan.

We have eye black with our “Trojans” logo on it, as well as rally towels, which have both been in super high demand.

Along with that, we have been seeing sales of our long sleeve “LH Trojan” Tees and sweatshirts increase, which are sold in gray, navy blue and orange, and are perfect for the chilly fall weather here.

We are also going to have our mobile store open during lunch house near our cafeteria, so that the entire student body has a convenient way to stock for our favorite week here at Lyman Hall!

This article was written by Lyman Hall DECA member, Caitlin Kirby. You can follow Lyman Hall DECA on Twitter @LH_Deca.

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