South County DECA “Bump-Set-Spikes” Into Action for Breast Cancer Research

Vera Woodson | South County DECA

South County DECA does it again!

They bumped the attendance to new heights, set our marketing plan in action, and spiked the victory to bring awareness to Stage IV Breast Cancer research!

Three chapter members, Olivia, Lauren, and Reid, organized an event for the ages. Centered on the South County High School volleyball team and the SideOut Dig Pink initiative, the energy and effort to bring awareness were on full display during this fantastic event. The record-breaking crowd attendance was increased through targeted recruitment of the South County High School community, including youth organizations. The DECA team strategically engaged potential attendees through informative outreach and game day activities.

Eleanor Kent, Team Support Representative of the SideOut Foundation, thanked the audience members for their support and encouragement of State IV research. The “IV” symbol is a non-verbal gesture to unify donors and their recipients.  Students actively support the organization, and displayed the “IV” to acknowledge their interest and active engagement in bringing awareness.

“Two worthy teams, for one worthy cause,” announced Olivia Loges, DECA marketing team member.

The crowd swelled as the game began. “We’ve never had this many people here before!” said volleyball player Hailey Boutwell.  The energy of the audience was evident on arrival.

“I love how everyone came out and wore pink to support,” stated player Lauren Baltzell.  The event aided the efforts to raise over $89,000 toward breast cancer research through the SideOut Foundation. 

“This is one for the books!” stated a South County High School parent. Although the South County volleyball team was not victorious against the Robinson High School Rams, the victory goes to the initiative and marketing execution of the amazing DECA team.

With the added support to bring awareness to a stage of cancer often forgotten, life-saving research can continue and help provide comfort to those in need.

This article was written by South County DECA. You can follow South County DECA on Twitter @SOCODECA. 

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