How Your Chapter Can Partner With DECA’s National Advisory Board Members

Drew DuBoff | Johnson & Wales University Collegiate DECA
Johnson & Wales University Collegiate DECA members with Collegiate DECA Vice President Joe Esposito, and Equity Residential Recruiter Jamie Preski, at a penthouse in The Towers at Longfellow.

Have you ever wanted to partner with one of DECA’s National Advisory Board (NAB) members?

In my pursuit of professional networking, I wanted to connect with a company that already loves and hires DECA members. My search brought me to Equity Residential, a member of the National Apartment Association Educational Institute (NAAEI), and since then we have created an incredible partnership between Equity Residential and my Collegiate DECA chapter.

Here are my top three tips to help your chapter connect with a DECA NAB member:

1. Figure out which National Advisory Board member you want to connect with.

I first found out about Equity Residential when recruiter Jamie Preski presented at the 2016 Collegiate DECA International Career Development Conference, and we reconnected when she served as a judge for the Hospitality & Tourism track at Collegiate Leadership Academy (now ENGAGE) last November. After catching up again at the 2017 Collegiate DECA ICDC, Jamie and I knew we had to plan an event together.

2. Decide on what you want your event to be about.

We first started communicating with each other on LinkedIn, and after months of going back and forth, we established a date (October 20), a time (9:30-12:00), and a property (The Towers at Longfellow). Our chapter has students from many majors and backgrounds, so we wanted the event to have a broad appeal. We decided to focus the event around a presentation on the history of the company, a tour of the property, and a practice role-play to prepare new students for the upcoming ENGAGE conference.

3. Make it happen.

This sounds simple, but it takes a lot of planning. Communicating with the leadership of your chapter, your advisor(s), and the company representative takes a lot of time, emails, phone calls, and stress, but it is all worth it. These companies want to collaborate with your chapter, so take advantage of that and then publicize your event all over social media.

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This article was written by Johnson & Wales University Collegiate DECA member, Drew DuBoff. You can follow Drew at @drewduboffdeca and his chapter, JWU Providence National Student Organizations at @JWUPVDNSO on Twitter and Instagram. Follow Equity Residential at @EQRCareers on Twitter and Instagram, and connect with Jamie Preski and Drew DuBoff on LinkedIn.

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