The 3 Social Media Platforms Your Chapter Should Be Using

Lindsey Spero | Capital Senior DECA
Photo courtesy of @harkerdeca on Instagram.

How can you get more people in your school to know about your DECA chapter?

How can you easily share the word about your fundraisers, officers and events with thousands of people at once?

How can you promote your chapter’s achievements and activities for free while still making an impact?

It’s all done, quite easily in fact, with a few clicks thanks to social media!

Social media can quickly share your message with thousands of people, get your chapter the publicity it needs to grow and help your events and programs reach a wider audience.

There is quite a few paths of social media, so which ones should your chapter focus on? Here are my best tips:


It’s so easy to have a chapter twitter. All you have to do is create the account, follow your own chapter members and other DECA chapters, and of course @DECAInc! It’s an easy way to spread fundraising information, meeting announcements and the occassional funny GIF.


Instagram is a visual social media platform, so this is a great place to share photos from your chapter’s activities or engaging meeting reminders using programs like Canva. Don’t forget to use hashtags to boost your likes and get more followers!


Have your chapter officers do a Snapchat “take over” and let them give an inside look at a marketing class, show how they prepare for a DECA competition or an amazing chapter social event. Using this widely popular platform, especially for high school students, will help your DECA chapter get known throughout your school, as well as nationally.

Using social media to spread the word about DECA at your school is just too easy! Show how #DECAcated your chapter is and see how your chapter membership numbers skyrocket from this use of social media.

Be sure to follow @DECAInc on all social media sites and see how your chapter can begin to network.

This article was written by Capital Senior DECA Chapter Secretary, Lindsey Spero. You can follow Lindsey on Twitter @lindsey_spero.

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