Little Elm DECA’s Active & Successful October

Isabella Argentine | Little Elm DECA

October is one of the busiest months of the year for Little Elm DECA, full of fundraisers and festivals to raise money and give back to our community.

Here are some of our chapter highlights from our busy, but successful, month:

Annual Food Drive

One of our biggest projects is the annual food drive. Last year our chapter and other schools in our area brought in around 24,000 pounds of food to the Little Elm Food Bank! In addition to managing the food drive at our high school and collecting cans, Little Elm DECA members create all the promotional materials for the other schools in our district to use and goes to the elementary schools dressed up in costumes to help build excitement.

To get our members involved with the food drive and become more aware, Little Elm DECA chapter officers created a great competition within our chapter. The ten DECA members who brought in the most cans of food would be able to pick out an item from the DECA catalog to win as their prize!

Another way the food drive has been made more aware by students are with flyers that members put up around the school and gave out to other members during meetings. The food drive was also promoted across all four social media platforms. Students who follow Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook have all seen a post or a digital flyer of the food drive project.

Thanks to everyone’s hard work, our district was able to raised over 24,000 pounds for our town’s food bank!

Lobo Lair Improvements

Competition is always a great way to get students involved, get your chapter to grow and become more popular in your school. In our DECA store, the Lobo Lair, we started a “Guessing Contest” so when students came into purchase snacks, drinks or school supplies, they had the chance to guess how many spooky skull erasers were in a jar. The person who came the closest to or correctly guessed exact number will win a free school spirit shirt.

The Loba Lair is improving each week and we are bringing in almost $400 a day! Last year we got gold certified at DECA’s International Career Development Conference, and our district provided us with an expanded space and upgraded store fixtures. With the expanded space, we decided to venture into the apparel world. We are getting more and more shirt designs for our new apparel enterprise, which we call “Limitless by Little Elm DECA.” We purchased a shirt making program through Print Phase and are creating spirit shirts to sell.

We are also using Limitless as a business incubator where students can create designs and we will make shirts for them to sell as their own business. The Lobo Lair was recently featured on CBS 11 News during our school’s homecoming week, which helped generate publicity and gave our store plenty of exposure to the public eye.

Leadership Development

Little Elm DECA officers were invited to attend the Group Dynamix Leadership Development Conference in October as well. Students worked with each other while enjoying camaraderie, great food, leadership and learning. It was a great experience for members to learn how to trust and work well with others in new situations.

Seniors in the chapter were invited to attend the local PepsiCo Stem Accelerator event Planto, Texas. They got to experience first-hand new, cutting edge technology, learn about the program “Alexa Dot,” and were exposed to innovative ideas. This was the second year the Little Elm DECA chapter has gone and plan to attend for many more years to come.

Halloween Festival

To close the month of October, our school hosted a Halloween Festival to raise money for the prom committee.

One of our favorite parts of the festival is the “DECA Dungeon” activity that our chapter puts on. The “DECA Dungeon” includes games, face paint, costume contests and food made from scratch from one of our officers, Andrew Mendoza.

Every member in our chapter helps put on the “DECA Dungeon” because the sky is the limit when it comes to volunteer spots. To spread the word of the festival, officers printed out flyers and posted digital flyers to all of our social media platforms so members who didn’t attend a meeting or two can still be updated.

This article was written by Little Elm DECA Social Media Director, Isabella Argentine. You can follow Little Elm DECA on Twitter @le_deca.

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