Top 5 Places to Visit While in NYC for #CDECAENGAGE

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With less than a week to go before ENGAGE kicks off in New York City, the Collegiate DECA executive officers are getting so excited to see you at #CDECAENGAGE!

Whether this is your first time to New York City or you are a returning tourist, you must be wondering what are teh best places to discover while in while in the Big Apple. As a team, we have thinking about that same question, and each of us wanted give a recommendation on places we personally think you should go see while in New York.

Darcie’s Recommendation: Taiyaki NYC

Darcie has recommended a place with a really unique way to serve ice cream. While Taiyaki NYC is only a short train ride from the hotel, it’s definitely worth it!

“Every time I travel to a new place, the first thing I look for is all the new foods I can try, and Taiyaki NYC won my heart. Not only are their desserts aesthetically pleasing, but the story behind this little ice cream shop is beautiful. The owners founded the company on faith, love, and luck and use it to express and share their culture with the community. It serves as a way for first/second-generation Asian Americans to bring their heritage, identity, and love for food and travel to the big apple.” Darcie

To find out more about Taiyaki NYC, visit their website at

Distance from hotel – 8 miles (about a 15 minute Subway ride).

Jake’s Recommendation: Blue Bottle Coffee

Jake has recommended a coffee shop located only a few short blocks from the hotel called Blue Bottle Coffee.

“Blue Bottle Coffee’s at the head of the ‘third wave coffee’ movement, with shops now across the United States. This California based coffee company has recently made headlines with its acquisition by Nestlé. Focusing on quality coffee is Blue Bottle’s mission, featuring single origin roasts, and minimalistic aesthetic to focus the consumers attention on nothing but the coffee.”

To find out more about Blue Bottle, visit their website at

Distance from hotel – .7 Miles (about a 12 minute walk).

Joe’s Recommendation: Times Square

I personally recommended Times Square because of the energy you feel walking through the streets and the shops that lie there.

Also known as “ The Crossroads of the World,” Times Square is one of the most visited places in of all of New York, and about 50,000 people go through these busy street each day. My favorite part of times square is that it is home to Broadway, and my favorite play is The Lion King. if you decide to go there, you can definitely feel hustle and bustle when you visit this iconic NYC landmark.

To find out more about the shops, and activities in Times Square, visit their website at

Distance from hotel – 0.6 miles (about a 10 minute walk).

Josh’s Recommendation: The Pennsy Food Hall

After a full day of exploring NYC on your tracks, Josh has recommended a great food option called The Pennsy Food Hall. Only a short five-minute walk from the hotel, the Pennsy Food Hall is home to many unique restaurants right next to Madison Square Garden.

“The Pennsy is a one of a kind food hall located inside Madison Square Garden. Many of the vendors offer fresh takes on your favorite classics and invite you to explore new flavors. The Pennsy encapsulates the contemporary New York scene, while nestled right in the heart of a cultural landmark.”

To find out more about The Pennsy Food Hall and their food options, visit their website at

Distance from hotel – 0.3 miles (about a 5 minute walk).

Paul’s Recommendation: High Line

As a New York native, Paul has recommended a park called High Line. Located is an historic freight rail line above the streets of New York.

“It is great place for photos, walking, and seeing the city and it’s right near so many nice restaurants!” And a fun fact about this location – it’s free to the public!

To find out more about High Line, visit their website at

Distance from hotel – 0.8 miles (about 15 minute walk).

As you start to pack your bags for New York, don’t forget to pack your camera! As you explore the city on your tracks or during your free time, make sure to post photos online and use the #CDECAENGAGE. We look forward to seeing you all next week!

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