Meet the 2017 #DECAPowerTrip Power Team

DECA is pleased to announce the following members have been selected for the 2017 Power Trip Power Team!

The Power Trip Power Team will be responsible for sharing the latest and greatest news from the Ultimate DECA Power Trip in Philadelphia, Penn., November 10-12, 2017.

From tweeting and snapping, to sharing recap articles on, this team will ensure that every DECA member inside and outside of Philly knows exactly what’s happening at #DECAPowerTrip.

Meet the team members below and be sure to follow them on Twitter and Instagram to keep up with all the #DECAPowerTrip fun!

Kassidy Braziel | Plantation DECA (FL)

Twitter: @kassidybraziel | Instagram: @kassidybraziel | Snapchat: thatgirlkass

“I hope to share my new memories via Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat so my friends who cannot attend can join in on the fun.”

Ramon Luis Fille | Hamden DECA (CT)

Twitter: @hamden_DECA | Instagram: @hamden_DECA | Snapchat: ram_swizzle

“One of my goals this year is to win some #DECAGlass, so I will use the workshops in order to prepare me and propel me to exceed expectations.”

Willian Huang | Norman North DECA (OK)

Twitter: @william_DECA | Instagram: @william_DECA | Snapchat: william_DECA

“By creating another possibility of success in sharing the Power Trip experience with DECA members anywhere through social media.”

Zachary Kas | Corinth Holders DECA (NC)

Twitter: @ZachKas | Instagram: @zachkas | Snapchat: zachkas21

“I love DECA and I think my experiences with DECA would be beneficial to use as part of the Power Trip Power Team.”

Markal Kelly | Plantation DECA (FL)

Twitter: DECA_Markal | Instagram: @markal_kelly | Snapchat: Mkamari

“By being apart of this team I will have the opportunity to create new memories and new friends in one awesome city. That is limitless to me!”

Amber McFerren | Corinth Holders DECA (NC)

Twitter: @amberleighmcf | Instagram: @amberleighmcf | Snapchat: amberleighmcf

“The Power Team will help me share my experiences at Power Trip, encourage others to participate, and educate my fellow members!”

Logan Mills | Lyman DECA (FL)

Twitter: @DECA_Logan | Instagram: @logxnmills | Snapchat: loganmillsfl

“I would love to do this by having a great time in Philly as well as making sure everyone else stays updated and has an amazing time as well!”

Allison Mooney | Alma DECA (AR)

Twitter: Allie_mooney_ | Instagram: @allie.mooney | Snapchat: mooneyyyyy

“I plan to make the Power Trip Power Team part of my #Limitless DECA experience by embracing the full Power Trip experiment while sharing it.”

Grace Murphy | Alma DECA (AR)

Twitter: @gracemurphy22 | Instagram: @g.murphyy | Snapchat: grace_murphy22

“Being part of the Power Team will make my experience limitless by allowing me to be connected with members that are just as excited as I am.

Emily Nguyen | Klein Oak DECA (TX)

Twitter: @EmilyDECA | Instagram: @EmilyDECA | Snapchat: emmynguyen7

“I’ll work WITH my team to create a welcoming environment both at conference and on social media. I will continue advocating DECA as always!”

Melissa Patrocinio | Apex DECA (NC)

Twitter: @Melissa_Patro | Instagram: @melissa_patro | Snapchat: melly1000000

“To get to a destination, you go on a trip. So to get to Atlanta, I’ll go on the PowerTrip and being on the PowerTeam would be a car upgrade.”

Caroline Saunders | Corinth Holders DECA (NC)

Twitter: @pirateDECA | Instagram: @pirateDECA | Snapchat: carolinewut

“I love DECA and social media. Bringing two things together that I not only enjoy, but am talented in, would be an amazing opportunity!”

Ashley Shabo | Corinth Holders DECA (NC)

Twitter: @ashleytshabo | Instagram: @ashleytaylorshabo | Snapchat: ashley.shabo

“By sharing the limitless experiences with others and meeting other officers from across the state.”

Cameron Summers | Corinth Holders DECA (NC)

Twitter: @cameronsummer20 | Instagram: @cameronsummers_ | Snapchat: cam.summer09

“Sharing the experience of being a member of the Power Trip Power Team would be an honor.”

Andrew Weatherman | Hickory Ridge DECA (NC)

Twitter: @andrew49er1 | Instagram: @andrew49er1 | Snapchat: aweatherman15

“Social media is vital to 21st-century careers, and the invaluable experience gained through the Power Team will be integral to my future.”

Michelle Wells | Alma DECA (AR)

Twitter: @michelle_wells_ | Instagram: @michelle_wells_ | Snapchat: mic.wells

“I plan to make the Power Trip Power Team part of my #Limitless DECA experience by allowing the anyone make a trip to Philly from their home!”

Matthew Williamson | Corinth Holders DECA (NC)

Twitter: @mwilliamson0 | Instagram: @matthewwilliamsonn | Snapchat: matthewilliamson

“My goal for the power trip is to make this trip very impactful for me. For this trip to be memorable for everyone, social media is crucial.”

We can’t wait to see what incredible coverage these Power Trip Power Team members will bring to #DECAPowerTrip 2017!

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