How South County DECA is Building Its Program of Work

Vera Woodson | South County DECA

Building a program of work takes strategic planning and execution. The success of the chapter and increase in membership are potential outcomes. Providing engaging and interactive activities for DECA members is top of mind at South County High School.

The Stallions Stampeded right into the school year with multiple activities planned to promote their program of work to the student body.

With involvement in promoting DECA during SOCO Club Day, DECA chapter leaders were able to discuss programs and initiatives with new and existing members. Club Day promoted over 35 clubs offered on campus, and DECA led the way.  With professional presentation materials and a 30-second elevator pitch, the leadership was poised for performance.

The Cranes Against Cancer campaign is an initiative to bring awareness to the fight for funding Stage Four Breast Cancer research. Partnering with the SideOut Foundation, the South County High School student body was invited to participate in creating origami cranes to highlight the message of hope. The cranes will be on display in conjunction with Oakton High School’s exhibit, and displayed as garlands to showcase the Cause to the community.

The SideOut Foundation will also participate in a Dig Pink initiative on campus October 19 during the South County varsity girls volleyball game.  The community invitation to little league programs will allow younger student athletes to participate in the month-long crane-making event and bring awareness to the issues of funding for Stage Four Breast Cancer to a new generation of students. Over 250 students have participated in this on-campus initiative thus far! 

Planning events takes a lot of work, but the payoff is a strong and involved chapter with great benefits to the school and community. A defined program of work can be a great way to introduce a roadmap of ideas and events to promote the vision of your DECA chapter leadership while growing your membership, team-building, and resume experience. 

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This article was written by South County DECA advisor, Vera Woodson. You can follow South County DECA on Twitter @SoCoDECA.

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