Then ‘N’ Now School-based Enterprise Grand Opening

Adriana Cassell | Pickens County Career & Technical Center DECA

On Wednesday, October 11, 2017, the Pickens County Career & Technology Center marketing class opened their school store, Then ‘N’ Now.

Students have been diligently working on this project since the second week of school, even ordering a new fully programed POS system for the store, and a vinyl cutter for custom tumblers.

The class is split into four teams: Operations, Merchandise Management, Finance, and Sales Promotion and Advertising.

The Sales Promotion and Advertising team started by creating the logo and slogan. The class conducted market research to see what products the students and teachers would most likely buy. Operations started to layout what the store was going to look like and how to keep things flowing. Merchandise Management and Finance are the two groups that really depend on each other, because when merchandise wants to buy something they have to ask finance if they had the money in the budget.

Everyone worked so hard to get their share of work done in time for the grand opening!

This article was written by Pickens County Career & Technical Center DECA Social Media Correspondent,  Adriana Cassell. You can follow Pickens County Career & Technical Center DECA on Twitter @DECA_pc_ctc

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