Buchholz DECA Raises Stone Cold Cash at Cold Stone

Michelle Weintraub | Buchholz DECA
Photo courtesy of @coldstone on Instagram.

After having a very successful competition season, we couldn’t help but reflect on those who qualified for states and DECA’s International Career Development Conference, but were unable to attend because of the cost.

Our DECA team’s goal this year was to create a way for qualifying students to experience DECA. Besides receiving sponsorships from local businesses, we wanted to host an event that would bring in even more money that would bridge the gap for students.

We knew we needed to start early because setting up fundraisers can take time. In August, our finance team began to call businesses who could potential host fundraisers for us. We knew it was important to talk to places that students from Buchholz would likely attend though.

Our first fundraiser we held was at Cold Stone Creamery, who generously agreed to give us 20% of the profits made during the day. Some of our officer team went around school and placed fliers on all the cars to promote the event. This fundraiser created a way to not only raise money for our DECA chapter, but also show other kids in get the entire school involved in the DECA fun.

The marketing team posted funny and engaging posts about the event on social media to help spread the word in a way that would catch the students attention.

Cold Stone reached weekday profit highs during the event, and said that they would love to do another fundraiser with our chapter! We ended up meeting our financial goal while simultaneously hosting a social event that students could enjoy.

Due to the success of the first event, we have more fundraisers lined up including Krispy Kreme, Chipotle and Cold Stone. We are continuing to look for more opportunities like this one so that all of our members get to truly experience DECA.

This article was written by Buchholz DECA President, Michelle Weintraub. You can follow Michelle on Twitter @michellejenee99.

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