3 Ways Your DECA Chapter is Like a Pumpkin

Gilma Rivera | Nevada DECA
Photo courtesy of @grandhavendeca on Twitter.

Every pumpkin is unique in their own special way. The same way every DECA chapter is unique in their own special way.

In fact, your DECA chapter resembles a pumpkin way more than you’d think.

1. The exterior/skin is the way people outside of DECA view you.

DECA has a reputation of developing refined, professional students. Always keep in my mind that you are creating a reputation for yourself, your chapter, and your organization. When people who aren’t in DECA see you, the way you act will reflect on the organization and set an example for others.

    2.  The stem is your chapter’s social media.

Like the stem of a pumpkin, social networks is a simpler way for members and interested parties to get a hold of you. Ask all of your members to follow you so they see chapter updates and reminders.

    3. The seeds are your #Limitless members.

DECA is for life. The lessons your members learn will stay in their memories forever! They will plant these lessons into their everyday lives along with laying more seeds on the ground for others to see.

Can you think of more ways your chapter resembles a pumpkin? Share your thoughts with me on Twitter @GilmaRiveraDECA!

This article was written by Nevada DECA Vice President of Marketing, Gilma Rivera. You can follow Gilma on Twitter @GilmaRiveraDECA.