Everything You Need to Know About DECA Idea Challenge 2017

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Wow, time flies when you are having fun! November – better known as – DECA Month is almost upon us and with DECA Month comes the DECA Idea Challenge!

This challenge is one of the most exciting ones out of the whole year, and draws competitors from all ages and all corners of the world. Don’t blink because, it will be gone before you know it! So here is a rundown of what you need to know before DECA Idea Challenge 2017 kicks off.


The DECA Idea Challenge is the premier event of Global Entrepreneurship Week and challenges students to take an everyday item and think of a new, innovative use for it. This global challenge is a fun way to think outside of the box and affect change. Groups of three to five students (the challenge is open to non- DECA members too!) will come up with their new idea, create a three-minute video pitching their idea, and submit it here.


The Idea Challenge takes place during Global Entrepreneurship Week in November. The mystery item will be released on www.decadirect.org at 4:00 PM EST on Sunday, November 12, and submissions are due by 11:59 PM on Monday, November 20. You only have eight short days to think of a creative new item and pitch your marketing plan, so make sure you click refresh at exactly 4 PM on Sunday!


The DECA Idea Challenge is open to any students – DECA or non-DECA members – from across the globe. There are three age groups:

  • Elementary and Middle School (ages 6-13)
  • High School (ages 14-18)
  • Collegiate (ages 18 and above)

The DECA Idea Challenge is a great way to show off your innovative thinking and compete with students from all across the world. If you are interested in learning more about the challenge, you can find the toolkit here. Plus, participating in the DECA Idea Challenge can help your chapter conquer the Global Entrepreneurship Week Chapter Campaign!

Now the biggest question is, what will be the mystery item?

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