4 Unconventional Community Service Ideas

Do you like thinking differently and doing things outside of the box? Giving back to your community, either on or off campus, is one of the most important things your Collegiate DECA chapter can do!

Your community is always looking for extra hands for things like volunteering at a local food bank or helping a charity with a fundraiser. My chapter loves giving back by volunteering in the community through Junior Achievement, which is where you teach basic business terms to elementary school students.

Here are four other unconventional community service ideas that you may not have considered until now:

1. Bringing a company into the digital age.

As technology is getting more advanced, certain companies may need assistance bringing their digital features up to speed. Helping an organization design a website or revamp their social media is a great way to give back and use your marketing skills.

2. Utilize your hobbies.

Do something that you love to do! Do a community service project that utilizes your hobbies or skill set is a great way to not only help others, but strengthen your own personal talents.

3. Teaching others something you’re passionate about.

Sharing the knowledge that you’ve gained with others is truly priceless and could go a long way when trying to make an impact in your community. Whether it’s teaching someone English, tutoring a fellow classmate or lending your business skills to an elderly entrepreneur, sharing your own knowledge lifts everyone in your community up.

4. Fundraising

Fundraising for something that is important to you and your chapter could help an organization  in need in a big way. For example, you could sell professional head shots and donate the funds to an organization of your choice! Not only does this help other professionals, but also gives much needed funds to those in need.

Whether you are giving back on or off campus, volunteering your time to the community can go a long way for someone or an organization. I recommend you check out organization around your community that you and you chapter are interested in.

Don’t forget – doing at least 10 hours of community service, you can also check off a requirement on the Leadership Passport Program!

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