Lyman Hall DECA Goes “Pack” to School

Caitlin Kirby | Lyman Hall DECA

Back to school means back to Packy’s for Lyman Hall DECA!

These past few of weeks of the new school year have consisted of opening our school store, Packy’s, once again. We have been busy brainstorming new ways to engage our student body and get more customers into the store.

One of these techniques is our “Wheel of Winning,” in which we invite students to spin a wheel and have a chance to win free items such as spirit beads, which are very popular among my peers.

Another prize is a raffle ticket. We currently have a raffle going on where whenever you make a purchase, you are entered to win a free ticket to the football game. This not only encourages customers to buy merchandise, but can also come in handy because as high schoolers, we don’t always have a lot of money to spend and with so many upcoming games, the money we spend can really begin to add up.

This week we also packed up our mobile store with popular items for our very first home football game! We have everything from long sleeve tees and bandanas, to lanyards and windbreakers.

The best part about our mobile store is that we can get not only students to make purchases, but parents as well.

Right now we are planning future marketing campaigns and figuring out what we should order for our store to keep our customers happy this year.

This article was written by Lyman Hall DECA member, Caitlin Kirby. You can follow Lyman Hall DECA on Twitter @LH_Deca.

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