2017 Piper Jaffray Fall Teen Opinion Survey Now Open

The 2017 Piper Jaffray Fall Teen Opinion Survey is now live and ready for you to use in your classroom!

DECA members are the principle source for Piper’s survey, so it’s critical that all DECA members participate and share their voice.

It is also great way for teachers and DECA advisors to engage their students in an independent applied learning activity that illustrate the importance of marketing research.

Both the survey  and the survey report are dynamic tools that will help illustrate how marketing research is compiled, applied and consumed.

At this time last year, DECA members reported that:

  • Spending was down
  • Streaming is up
  • Food is entertainment
  • Indie was the new “cool”

How have their opinions changed and what impact will they have on market and retail decisions leading into the holiday shopping season? Only the Piper Jaffray Teen Survey will be able to tell!

The Fall DECA/Piper Jaffray Teen Survey closes on Wednesday, October 4. Please help support this important partnership by incorporating this valuable survey into your classroom teaching.

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