How to Recruit More Members with Social Media

Recruiting members can be difficult sometimes, especially when you rely on the same, tried-and-true techniques year after year. However, you have a powerful tool at your disposal that can literally recruit members for you.

What’s this magical tool? Social media!

Just think about it: If you stumbled upon an awesome Instagram page for an organization at your school that was full of images and videos showing its members traveling to cool cities for conferences, winning trophies and medallions on stage and having tons of fun together doing community service activities and special events, wouldn’t you want to immediately join too?

If you’re ready to make your social media work for you, check out these three tips:

1. Follow Students & Other Organizations in Your School

When you follow people, they are more likely to see what you are posting. Whether it be on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, the only way to get people to see your content is to make them aware that it is there! Be sure to follow your own members, as well as potential members, students in other clubs and organizations in your school, and other active student leaders who can help spread the word about DECA in your school.

2. Keep Your Pages Active

No one wants to follow an account that hasn’t had a new post in over a month, so it’s imperative that you’re consistently posting on all your chapter social media pages! Whether you’re highlighting special events, chapter trips or individual members, just keep the content flowing. For more tips on creating a successful social media strategy, check out the DECA Social Media Guide at

3. Show What DECA is Really About

Sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint what DECA is exactly, but it’s important to show all aspects of the member experience on your social media pages. The different areas will be attractive to different students in your school. Be sure to share pictures of your chapter’s activities, interact with other DECA pages by reposting and tagging other accounts and promote DECA conferences and travel opportunities. Don’t forget to highlight other benefits of being a DECA member too, like scholarships, competition and leadership positions. Make sure that potential members really know what they are missing!

Last but not least, don’t forget to follow DECA on Twitter and Instagram at @decainc and tag us in all your awesome social media posts!

Follow Leah on Twitter @decavpleah. This article was featured in the September/October issue of DECA Direct. You can read the entire issue online now here.

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