The Real Deal on DECA’s Regional Conferences

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It’s safe to say that #SummerofDECA 2017 flew by fast! There is a silver lining to summer coming to an end though – DECA is back – and with DECA comes the first wave of conferences of the year.

This fall, three regional conferences will be taking place across the country. These conferences will amaze all members in attendance and will make everyone not there extremely jealous. So without further adieu, let’s get see what this fall has in store.

The Ultimate DECA Power Trip

When: November 10-12, 2017
Where: Philadelphia, Penn.

The North Atlantic and Southern regions will converge at the The Ultimate DECA Power Trip, taking place this November in the City of Brotherly Love. In just three short days, you will attend workshops and learn more than you ever thought possible, see the beautiful city of Philadelphia and meet some of your best friends. #DECAPowerTrip is unforgettable experience and one you absolutely cannot miss!

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Western Region Leadership Conference

When: November 16-19
Where: Phoenix, Ariz.

The Western Region is sure to Ignite at this year’s WRLC! Over 2,500 students will be taking over Phoenix, Ariz. for this four day conference. Whether you are there for the networking, the competition prep or the entertainment, #IgniteWRLC will be one for the books. You could say, this is going to be a “Bestern” conference…

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Central Region Leadership Conference

When: December 1-3
Where: Omaha, Neb.

#CRStrong? I think yes. During #DECACRLC, the Central Region will try to prove why they are the top region complete with career fairs, leadership training and a DECA. This isn’t like any other conference, you will be missing this one for a long time after you leave. Oh and not to mention, this is the 50th anniversary for CRLC, so there may be some special things in store for you!

Wherever you are from and whatever regional conference you attend, I promise that you will have an amazing time. So start those countdowns, because DECA conferences are right around the corner!

DISCLAIMER: Attendance of these conferences will result in Post-DECA Conference Depression.

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