5 Tech Tools to Help Your Chapter Stay Connected

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Social media gives you the chance to promote and broadcast the incredible things your DECA chapter, as well as your members, are doing throughout the year!

Whether it’s the amount of money you raised for a local charity or a recent win at your state or district conference, using tech tools keeps your chapter up-to-date with the rest of the world, and lets the rest of the world stay up-to-date with your chapter in return.

Check out some tech tools you can start using right away to make a #Limitless impact on your social media networks:

1. Instagram

Everyone has one (even my grandmother!), so your chapter should too! Make sure your bio includes the name of your school and make your Instagram handle consistent with other social media handles you might already have. Use Instagram to feature members of the month, exciting ventures members might be involved in and important chapter dates/deadlines/meetings coming up.

2. Twitter

I love Twitter! If not just for the fun GIFs, there are so many members, officers and associations with DECA-specific Twitter profiles. Creating a public twitter profile will give your chapter the chance to engage more with other chapters, see news that association accounts are posting and stay in touch with members across the country.

3. Facebook

When you look up someone or something, one of the first links that pops up is a Facebook profile. Make this true of your chapter too, by creating a Facebook profile, and sharing it with your friends. When others “like” it, they’ll begin to see your chapter’s news, and you might even be able to gain alumni and professional membership this way.

4. Snapchat

While Snapchat isn’t necessarily the best social media platform for being able to engage with professional and alumni members, it’s fantastic for reminders of meeting times and promoting DECA around your school. DECA even recently released its Snapchat Geofilter Library for this exact purpose! Use your chapter Snapchat to boost membership and remind members of upcoming events.

5. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is an awesome app you can use to schedule your social media posts. Sit down with your chapter officer team and think about important tweets/posts you want to share, and then schedule them months in advance using this app! This way you’ll never forget to share an important announcement, meme or reminder.

Don’t forget to tag @DECAInc in your Twitter and Instagram posts too so they can see all your awesome chapter achievements too! 

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