4 Reasons Why No One Wants To Attend Your Chapter Meetings

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Chapter Meeting: (noun) The period of planning and practicing in between conferences and competitions.

Keeping members involved in meetings throughout the year can be difficult. However, it’s important to stay connected with your members through chapter meetings.

Running the meetings can be difficult, but there are solutions to your problems!

Problem #1: Too much talking, not enough listening.

Whether you have 10 members in your meeting or 110, no one wants to listen to talking for 15 minutes straight. Try to keep your explanations short and provide handouts that describe what you’re talking about. This way, your members can find all of the information later and hear about it the meeting.

Problem #2: Too much energy.

A lot of chapter meetings are held right after school. Students can be talkative and not wanting to spend more time listening to someone talk. However, your problem can be solved by having an icebreaker at the beginning of each meeting. This will grow your members’ relationship and get out some of the energy from the long school day.

Problem #3: Not enough “Member Time.”

The only reason why we have chapters is because of our awesome members, make sure to recognize them! Even if their accomplishments were not in DECA, let your members know you care about them. Students like to be directly involved in things, so giving shoutouts at meetings for winning soccer games, getting accepted to colleges, or other accomplishments will boost not only your chapter’s involvement in meetings but their pride too!

Problem #4: There’s no chance to collect feedback.

It’s important that throughout the year, you are looking to your members for ideas and feedback on how to make things better. Your members are more likely to participate if they want to do it, or it was their idea. Asking your members to fill out feedback forms or holding meetings specifically to listen to their ideas will help get your members more involved.

Running a meeting can be difficult, and when it comes to chapter meetings, sometimes it’s easier said than done. With this being said, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact your association or executive officers with questions, and check out DECA Direct for other chapter resources!

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