3 Reasons Your Chapter Should Utilize Snapchat Geofilters

Have you heard about DECA Inc.’s new on-demand Snapchat Geofilter Library?

Finally, you can get DECA branded Snapchat geofilters for your chapter or association without having to use fancy design programs or pay someone else to make them for you!

If you have never used Snapchat geofilters before, you are missing out on an awesome branding opportunity for your chapter. Your entire school could be using and sharing your custom DECA chapter geofilter during a school event, new member meeting or special program for as little at $5!

Here are three reasons why geofilters will quickly become your chapter’s best branding asset:

1. Pre-Made 

An amazing team at DECA Inc. has already done the work for you! Simply pick your favorite geofilter, download the PNG file, and then upload it to Snapchat.com! There are a variety of styles to choose from perfect for any event, holiday or activity your chapter is wanting to promote. Check out all the geofilter options now at deca.org/communications.

2. Customizable 

Once the geofilter is uploaded into Snapchat, you are able to add your own chapter’s name and logo, or the name of the event you are promoting. This way, everyone who uses your geofilter will know exactly who created it, and will realize how awesome your DECA chapter is. To download step-by-step instructions on how to upload, customize and purchase a geofilter, click here.

3. Take the Work Out of Promoting Your Chapter 

You know your chapter members are already using Snapchat at every chapter event they’re attending. Why not give them a DECA-branded geofilter to use while sharing their awesome experience with all their friends (even the ones not in DECA!)? Snapchat geofilters are an incredible – and affordable – promotional tool your chapter will quickly fall in love with. Warning: you may start wanting a geofilter at every meeting, event and program your chapter has!

To learn more about DECA’s Geofilter Library, click here, and start downloading your favorite geofilters here.

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