3 Reasons You Should Attend Your Regional Conference

Photo courtesy of @southwestdeca on Instagram.

Most DECA members have had an opportunity to attend their association conferences, and some have experienced the incredible International Career Development Conference. If you have attended either of those enriching conferences, you probably left wanting more!

What if I told you there were even MORE conferences you could attend to prepare you for your #Limitless year?

If this question gets you pumped up, read on for the reasons why you should attend your regional conference:


Think about all of the amazing emerging leaders you have met while in DECA. At your regional conference, you have the privilege to network with business professionals, association officers, and members from neighboring associations. At conferences, other imperative activities (like prepping for your competition) tend to hinder your ability to network. At regional conferences however, there is plenty of networking time! Make sure to bring those business cards and get ready to meet some amazing new DECA friends.

Professional Development

Regional conferences are jam-packed with excellent opportunities for you to develop as an emerging leader! You will have the opportunity to attend workshops from industry leaders, DECA Inc. staff, and fellow association officers. These opportunities will be sure to prepare you for your future. My favorite workshops were presented by the Marriott staff about the hospitality industry, as well as the marketing executives from Lamborghini who discussed their unique marketing strategies. The best part about these conferences is there is always something for everyone!


Since your days at regional conferences will be packed with engaging and educational prospects, we have activities for every type of member. “DECA After Dark” never fails to surprise our members, whether this will be your first or fourth regional conference! The only thing better than visiting famous attractions is doing it with your DECA best friends.

Remember, regional conferences are for all members who want to develop their leadership skills, network, travel and have some fun!

Check out all of the regional conferences below:

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