Win $1,500 Towards #DECAICDC With the Stukent Social Media Marketing Challenge

What is better than attending DECA’s International Career Development Conference in Atlanta, Ga., April 21-24, 2018?

Winning $1,500 towards your travel expenses AND being recognized on stage!

Sound like a dream? Not for the winner of the Stukent Social Media Marketing Challenge, DECA’s newest online challenge.

The Stukent Social Media Marketing Challenge provides the opportunity for DECA members to compete in the world’s first social media marketing simulation used by top institutions around the world.

Participants will test their social media marketing skills by managing a $50,000 budget in simulated ad dollars for a fictitious, global bag company. Their online strategy will include marketing on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest.

Best of all, the top three winners will receive a travel scholarship to #DECAICDC in the amount of:

  • First Place: $1,500
  • Second Place: $1,000
  • Third Place: $500

Make your DECA year #Limitless by registering today for the Stukent Social Media Marketing Challenge. Visit the DECA Challenge page to learn more about this challenge, download the guidelines and discover DECA’s other online challenges.

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