Watch the 2017-2018 #Limitless Membership Video

The 2017-2018 DECA membership video is here and is better than ever before!

With this year’s theme of #Limitless, we wanted to truly capture how DECA provides countless opportunities for all members, no matter what interests or ambitions they have.

Download the video here or watch it now:

You can also access the video on DECA’s YouTube channel here.

Ready to use this year’s membership video in your DECA classroom?

Here are three awesome ways to recruit new members with this great video:

1. Share on Social Media

The best way to get non-DECA members at your school seeing this awesome video is to share it on social media – but not just your chapter’s pages! Get ALL your members – including your officers, advisors and everyone in between – to post the video on their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages! The more students in your school see this video, the most interested your chapter will generate.

Don’t stop there though! Be sure to include your chapter’s hashtag, so students can click and see all the other awesome events, trips and activities your DECA chapter does!

2. Play in Classrooms

Whether your school has a back-to-school night for parents, a freshmen orientation day, or allows clubs to speak at the beginning of different class periods, you want to make sure this video get shared early and often into your semester!

Parents will love to see first-hand what DECA is all about, freshman will definitely want to join an immediate group of friends before school begins, and this is a great ice breaker at the start of class during the first few weeks of school. Talk to your teachers or administrators to find out how you can share this video with everyone who walks into your school!

3. Front & Center in Your First Meeting

If you have an interest meeting for potential new members, or encourage existing members to bring their friends to your first meeting of the year, this video definitely needs to go on your agenda! Share the video, and then select 2-3 of your own members to share their own stories of how DECA showed them #Limitless opportunities. This will tie the video into your own DECA chapter, and create personal connections that may help convince potential members to take the plunge!

How is your chapter featuring the new membership video in your school this year? We’d love to hear and see your ideas! Share a photo or video with @DECAInc on Twitter and Instagram and be sure to include #Limitless. We’ll share our favorite ideas with the rest of DECA too!

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