How to Organize a DECA Social for This September

Sarah Young | Riverbend DECA

DECA members tend to have minds overflowing with creativity and hearts filled with passion. So why is it that we are found too often planning the same activities each year to kick off the start of a new school year?

It sometimes takes a little inspiration and help from fellow DECA members to find exactly what innovation you can bring into your chapter this September.

Holding a social for your chapter’s members allows the new and old to connect and form the unbreakable bond that DECA bestows on all individuals. Follow these four steps to ensure a flawless and fun time!

Brainstorm Ideas

Think about what has worked for your chapter in the past. Take note of the size and availability of your group. The goal is to discover a new idea that will still be effective compared to other events you may have held in the past.

Riverbend DECA (Va.) has held a social before a high school football game. Have your members bring food and lawn games to share with other students. Adding a theme to the night makes it more exciting and allows members to show DECA and school spirit.

Other socials that Riverbend DECA has had success with include an Ice-cream Social and Movie Day. Both of these were held after a school day and members were encouraged to bring food and friends for a chance to get DECA points. There a countless ideas you can share with your chapter to inspire something new.

Make a Poll

Use social media to discover what the members in your chapter want to do. After you have brainstormed a couple new ideas, create a poll on Twitter to discover the best idea. Using Twitter is simple and allows anyone to share his or her opinion or make recommendations.

Get the Details

Find a time and place that will make it easy for all members to attend the social. You may need to check with your school’s administration to ensure that your event is approved. If you want food or games at the social, make a signup sheet for members to use. Double check with your chapter advisors that you have everything planned and ready for the social.


After everything is figured out, you must spread the word. Use all your social media platforms to reach out to members about the event.  You can also add it into the school announcements and have the marketing teachers advertise it during class.

Adding a new social onto your DECA calendar for this September could be just what your chapter needs. This is just the start of a #Limitless school year. 

This article was written by Riverbend DECA Chapter Secretary and District President, Sarah Young. You can follow Riverbend DECA on Twitter @bendddeca.

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