5 Ways to Increase Your Membership This Fall

Abby Peterson | Madison West DECA
Photo courtesy of @wi_deca on Instagram.

School is back and that means it’s time to start recruiting new members to join your incredible DECA chapter!

How can you boost your chapter’s membership during the first few weeks of school? Check out these five tips below:

1. Take advantage of DECA’s Geofilter Library.

Using one of these geofilters within the first week of school, will create buzz about your DECA chapter. This will also increase your chapter’s social media presence and get people talking about DECA.

 2. Send personalized letters.

Sending letters to each student enrolled in a business class inviting them to join DECA while explaining the organization gives each student a personalized feel. These letters enforce that at DECA we value each and every person in the chapter. Usually if a student has enrolled into business classes, they are already interested in business/marketing so introducing DECA can be essential!

 3. Keep a strong social media presence.

Creating a schedule and staying accountable with posting helps you reach potential DECA members at little to no cost. Adding pictures and catchy phrases will also increase your member involvement online and make your followers want to keep checking back.

4. Be the loudest and most popular recruitment booth.

Include free giveaways, and play music. Giving fliers away also  helps new students remember DECA hours later.

5. Explain what DECA is.

Explaining DECA in a positive and accurate way will help students pick if DECA is right for them. With so many different clubs and organizations to chose from, it can be overwhelming to pick and chose what to get involved. By reinforcing DECA and what it is every chance you can get can help students decide!

This article was written by Madison West DECA President, Abby Peterson. You can follow Madison West DECA on Twitter @MWestDECA.

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