5 Competitive Events You Should Consider for a #Limitless Year

Beza Denget | Apex Friendship DECA

One of our favorite aspects of DECA will being come back this fall: competition.

This year, I encourage you to venture into some of these exceptional DECA competitive events:

1. Stock Market Game

Calling all investors! If you’re interested in Wall Street and day trading, the Stock Market Game is for you. In this event you compete with one to three participants and develop a portfolio. Each team manages every aspect of the portfolio online, and the goal is to increase profits within a specific time period. In addition, an eleven page paper is attached to this event where you explain the rationale for your team’s buying and selling behavior.

2. Financial Consulting

Consulting is one of the popular branches of business. The Financial Consulting event is a great way to explore this potential career. Each year there is a specific scenario, and for the 2017-2018 year each competitor is to assume a role of a consultant making recommendations for a recent college graduate about retirement investment plans. Participants in this event also take a career cluster exam, which for this event would be in the finance cluster.

3. Entrepreneurship Series

Students with a strong passion in markets and a strong understanding on which opportunities to act upon should look into this event. This event is an individual series event as well as a team decision event, so you can perform alone or with a partner.Both of these events are divided between roleplays and a cluster exam. The role-plays assess how well students can adapt to the problems and situations that occur in business. Students should take advantage of this event since it is a relatively new event in DECA.

4. Public Relations Project

If communications in marketing has interested you, the Public Relations event may be for you. This is a chapter project and allows chapter members to plan and organize a public relations campaign. The best thing about this event is that the PR event can be about anything that the chapter decides upon.

5. Business Law and Ethics

For people who have an interest in law and love arguing ethical dilemmas this DECA event might be for you. While business law varies from country to country for the purposes of this event U.S. law is used. This event is also divided in between a career cluster exam and role-plays. The role-plays access the student(s) understanding of business law (ex. liability, ownerships types, etc.) as well understanding how to approach social ethical issues.

For more information on DECA’s competitive events and sample materials, please click here.

These events can prepare you for future careers, so make sure to check out these events for truly #Limitless opportunities!

This article was written by Apex Friendship DECA Vice President of Community Service, Beza Denget. You can follow Beza on Twitter @beezden

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