Bring On the Ol’ Razzle Dazzle

Grace Morse | Arizona DECA

The worst thing I can think of regarding social media is looking at a page and seeing long text posts after long text posts with no sparkle.

And no, I don’t mean glitter, I mean the little bits and pieces of someone’s charisma translated digitally in their posts.

Often, DECA kids will try to talk as if we were outside the organization. What we forget is the organization is made up of each member’s personalities, and in order to draw people to DECA, that needs to be on display.

Remember, just like your DECA blazer, your social media will look good if and only if it fits YOU!

Here are some ways to add some ol’ razzle dazzle to your social media:

1. Spice It Up

Did you know that 56 percent of people have unfollowed a brand on social media for being too boring or too salesy? For an organization of marketing students, I’m pretty sure that is not our goal. Our social medias should strive to reach out and pull people into DECA.

One of my absolute favorite ways to be a little spontaneous and humorous is to use Photoshop. I like my followers to know that DECA isn’t all about studying for competitions, we also have a ton of fun being #Limitless.

2. The Beauty of Being Different

No person is exactly alike. We go through life trying to find people that we can relate to and share experiences with. That is why your social media reflecting you is so important. Whether you’re an athlete, a math whiz, an artist, or all three combined, people are going to look for what makes you like them before they search for the differences.

Having common ground with someone is amazing because it gives you a foothold to maybe lead the conversation to DECA. I mean I love Star Wars, and oh yes I will show it off.

3. Make It Meme-ingful

Pun intended. Maybe you’re not interested in bearing your soul and life story on your Twitter account. That’s perfectly okay! Memes are amazing. They are eye-catching, funny, and allow your audience to relate a popular trend to DECA. Aim for ones that are easily understood, and your audience will be sure to pay attention.

So, give your social media some digital CPR and show the world your razzle dazzle! I guarantee it will boost engagement and open #Limitless conversations.

This article was written by Arizona DECA association officer, Grace Morse. You can follow Grace on Twitter @g_race31.

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