Creative Chapter Meeting Ideas to Get Your Members Engaged

As you start to plan out your meetings for the year and what you hope to accomplish, think about different ways that you as leaders can keep your members engaged during meetings.

I have four easy and creative ways to accomplish that goal this year!

1. New Meeting Locations

This will allow new ideas to flow all the while being in a new location either on or off campus. While one meeting could be held on campus in a classroom, another could be at a local coffee shop in town. Businesses use this method to allow them to develop new ideas and to think outside the box.

2. Multiple Ways of Communication

Communication is key in any organization and having multiple ways to communicate between chapter members and the executive board will benefit your chapter. It could be through texting, email or evening using AIM (if you still use that). A simple text to a member could make the decision on whether or not they come to the meeting.

3. Let Their Voice Be Heard

Allow your meetings to have an open conversation and this will allow for all members ideas to be heard. Allowing members to speak and give feedback will only strengthen your chapter even more, because it will not just be your idea, but it will be everyone’s!

4. Let Others “OWN” the Idea

As an executive board, things could get crazy over the course of the year and ideas could be put on the back burner or possibly forgotten. instead of putting that idea on the back burner you should give responsibility to members to allow them to take responsibility in seeing it though fruition. This will allow them to not only grow as a leader, but it will allow your chapter to grow as well!

By looking at these ideas will allow you allow you and your chapter to have a #Limitless year!

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