Best Practices for Chapter Communication

Communication is what makes the world go around. Whether you are ordering food at In-n-Out for a chapter dinner or setting up a meeting with fellow chapter officers, communication is necessary to do so.

As you already may know, communication plays a big role in the success of your DECA chapter, so here are some of the best practices for communication within your chapter.

Set Up a Chapter/Officer Group Chat

Your DECA chapter should have a group chat for both the entire chapter and the officer team. This will play a key role in active communication during the weekends or vacations, so everyone is in the loop. Some services that may be of great use are Slack, a team communication service that includes channels for different conversations, file sharing, and more. Also, a more popular application you may be familiar with, GroupMe, which my chapter utilizes to maintain communication.

Have Chapter Members Sign Up for Remind

Remind is a service where you can set up reminders to go out to anyone who signs up to receive notifications/updates via text message. This is effect to avoid the common issue of people not being able to keep up in group messages. Also, it is a great way for you to separate important chapter information from general questions and conversations in your chapter group chat.

Host Frequent Chapter Meetings

If all else fails, you should hold frequent chapter meetings throughout the semester or school year to keep anyone in the loop that doesn’t utilize the previously mentioned forms of communication. Be sure to promote through all channels available to you to ensure your members receive the message about the upcoming meetings!

Practice the 24 Hour Rule

Another great practice for communication is the 24 Hour Rule. This rule works great for communication with individuals within the chapter. It is something myself and the fellow Collegiate DECA officers use and it works perfectly to maintain proper communication. The rule is that if you feel a certain way about an issue, subject, or incident you have 24 hours to bring it to the table and discuss it then you must let it go and if you don’t speak on it, forever hold your peace.

Be Open and Listen

Any successful chapter gets to where they are from being open to suggestions and listening to others. Take advice from the members within your chapter, outsiders, and even local businesses, they may be of great use when it comes to communication and the success of your chapter.

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